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Breathe In, Begin. Breathe Out, Again.

“I continued to move my body in this new, strange way. I felt parts of me engage, physically and emotionally, that I had never engaged before. I started to breathe more in this new way; a way that seemed to soothe my heightened senses and provide moments of peace and silence in my over-stimulated mind.” Read guest contributor Allyson Pesta’s powerfully honest story of eating disorder recovery and how yoga, despite her initial reluctance, taught her she is enough.

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Shattering Stereotypes: Brown People Get Eating Disorders, Too

Guest contributor and eating disorder activist Shalini Wickramatilake struggled with an eating disorder for more than 2 decades before she sought help because she “felt like a fraud” for not fitting “the stereotype of what someone with an eating disorder was ‘supposed’ to look like.” Now, in recovery, Shalini shares her story to help shatter stereotypes about who and what an eating disorder looks like. Read on to learn more about this powerful woman!

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Everyone Deserves a Seat at the Table, Including Me & You

In this powerfully honest and inspiring guest blog, eating disorder recovery advocate Bridget Clawson writes about how she overcame self-doubt to now own her most authentic voice and share her story with the world so that others know they, too, have a place at the table.

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