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Real Body Talk

Created and Hosted by Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD

Real Body Talk is a brand new show dedicated to honest and real conversations with experts of diverse backgrounds exploring the mental health issues and cultural messaging related to body image in the age of social media. Jennifer's guests offer you insights and tips on how to build resiliency and thrive in your life.

Let’s Talk, For Real

Real Body Talk is a brand new, cutting edge show that seeks to share the raw stories, voices, histories, controversies, research, and challenges related to body image. Experts featured on the show provide tips for how to create a balanced, well-rounded sense of self-worth in a hyper-image focused world that can often leave us feeling like we are not enough. Real Body Talk takes hard topics head on and invites you to be empowered as your most REAL self.

→ Watch Real Body Talk on YouTube and Channel 21 (community television serving Radnor, Lower Merion, and Narberth, PA).

Episode 1: Body Image and Perfectionism

With Dr. Jenna DiLossi, PsyD, NCC, LPC

The premier episode of Real Body Talk explores the intersection of body image and perfectionism. Join me and Dr. Jenna DiLossi for a REAL chat about the challenges of accepting ourselves and the role or self-compassion in building a balanced, well-rounded sense of self-worth. Jenna DiLossi is the cofounder and clinical directory of the Center for Hope and Health.

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Episode 2: Black, White, or Mixed?

With Daralyse Lyons

Meet the dynamic Darlyse Lyons—actress, author, and host of the Transformational Storyteller Podcast. In episode 2, Daralyse and Jennifer have a REAL chat about self-image and multiracial identity. Learn about the inspiration behind Daralyse’s award-winning children’s book, I’m Mixed, and how she's learned to embrace ALL aspects of herself. Connect with Daralyse:


Episode 3: Raising Our Girls to Feel Confident in Their Bodies

With Keisha Hudson and Nicole McGruder

How do we raise our girls to feel confident in their bodies? In episode 3 of Real Body Talk, Jennifer interviews Girl Scout Troop leaders Keisha Hudson and Nicole Keels-McGruder to learn how they empower girls to build "courage, confidence, and character." Tune in for tips on how to help the girls in your life flourish in mind and body.

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→ Watch Real Body Talk on YouTube and Channel 21 (community television serving Radnor, Lower Merion, and Narberth, PA).