My yoga therapy work with Jennifer has become an integral part of my journey as I recover from severe depression and eating disorder behavior. During my time with Jennifer, I’ve been able to deconstruct my thoughts about health, happiness, and weight. Wrestling through these topic while connecting with my body via yoga has opened me up in a new way. I’m developing more compassionate self-talk and a stronger sense of self validation. I’m also working with concrete grounding techniques that are specific to me and work for me. I find Jennifer’s body mindful approach to be more effective for me than other therapies I’ve tried. Overall, it’s just lovely to have Jennifer rooting for me and encouraging me to keep working on myself.
— Lesa R, Philadelphia

Jennifer is one of the most genuine, insightful, and compassionate mentors I have ever had. She has helped me reframe how I use language during my yoga classes and teach from a place of body empowerment and body love. I not only get to work with Jennifer through her support for my yoga teaching, but she also supports me on my own recovery journey. Through our work together I have found strength, confidence, and a whole new world of possiblity. She inspires and supports me as I work with those struggling with eating disorders in my own community as well as young women in a juvenile delinquent center where we often talk about the themes of self-love, empowerment, strength, and body acceptance. I am so grateful to know Jennifer and have her as a mentor and support.
— Allsyon Pesta, RYT 200, Cleveland, OH

Jennifer is a truly gifted yoga therapist who has become a critical part of my negative body image and eating disorder recovery team. The past few months in working with her have been amazingly transformative, and she has personally helped me turn a corner in my journey to having a better relationship with my body and a deeper understanding of my true self. By using the philosophies and practices of yoga, through discussion, movement and meditation, she’s given me new tools and perspectives that have helped changed my perspective of yoga, eating disorders, my personal healing journey, and so much more. Even in meeting through Skype, given our geographical distance, she creates a personal and safe experience that allows for real work and healing to happen. I honestly feel blessed to have her not only be a part of my recovery but also in my life.
— Alicia D, Tampa

Words can not express how happy I am for my sessions under Jennifer’s mentoring. I’ve been teaching yoga and other movement disciplines for a decade now, and very often I’ve been finding myself in front of barriers for which I used to blame external factors. Well, Jennifer has a unique gift of guiding people, in a very gentle and compassionate way, into a deep journey of clearly defining their goals and intentions.

Through our 1-to-1 sessions, my journaling and inner work, I’ve started to use the philosophy and principles of yoga to find the real reasons that often keep me back in my yoga teaching and in other areas of my life. Jennifer has provided me with numerous resources that are already supporting me to grow my studio; she has helped me to clarify my professional goals and how to focus my attention to reach them; and- above all!- she has supported me to listen to my inner voice and feel confident to speak my truth to the world!
— Stella Koutri, Certified Yoga Instructor, Greece

As a yoga teacher for a national eating disorders program, I signed up to mentor with Jennifer to dive deeper into tools for teaching this particular population. To best support and empower the clients I serve, I wanted to learn more about language, themes, things to avoid, and any other insights and experiences Jennifer could provide. Even after our first mentoring session, I knew how valuable this mentorship would be. I became more informed and more aware which left me feeling more confident in sharing yoga and its teachings with those who struggle with body image and/or disordered eating. Jennifer is a true expert in the field of yoga where it intersects with body image and disordered eating. She was a delight to work with and I’m grateful to have learned from her and to have been supported by her in this meaningful work.
— Suzy, Trauma-Informed Yoga Certified RYT 500, Minnesota

Yoga therapy with Jennifer has been a wonderful compliment to my journey! I am grateful that she is in my life. She shows up in multiple ways and shows that she truly cares and empathizes with my process. Jennifer brings personal experience with recovery to the mat and that experience is so valuable. She has been a fantastic asset to my therapeutic process as I have been able to bring things that come up in yoga back to my therapist that have helped to advance my healing process. This form of expressive and spiritual movement is one way I nourish my soul.
— Kaitlin

Working with Jennifer has had such a positive impact on my life—mentally, spiritually and physically. I consider Jen one of my greatest supports. I am able to confide in Jen with whatever I bring to our sessions. In return, I receive positive, non-judgmental feedback and homework that aligns with my intentions, standards and goals. Jen’s responsiveness and ability to leave her clients feel 100% supported is a rare find. I truly recommend Jen to anybody who is looking to heal, develop and deepen their mental, physical and spiritual relationship with themselves and others!
— Erin

Compassion. This is an emotion that before working with Jennifer I applied to others but never to myself. How could I allow myself a break or give myself compassion for where I was or what I was facing? Throughout the short time that I have worked with Jennifer on my eating disorder recovery, she has taught me how to be kinder to myself and incorporate yoga beliefs and tools into my life to ease the negative voice in my head. Working with her has not only given me more power and confidence, but has also given me valuable insight into the physical, mental, and emotional steps I can to take every single day to help me find my breath and spirit
— Lavinia U

I feel so lucky to work with Jennifer. Before I started yoga therapy with her I was so disconnected from my body and its own process; between the eating disorder and moments in my past that were challenging, the thought of being in my body would cause me to panic. The work has not been easy, sometimes it has been painful, but she has been so compassionate in this journey with me. I’m so grateful.
— Sarah K, Baltimore

I never thought I would voluntarily be in yoga therapy! Not only am I still warming up to the mere idea of therapy, but being still and calm enough for yoga is a challenge for me. However, after almost thirty years of struggling with an eating disorder, I decided to try another approach to support my recovery. I am so glad I ventured out of my comfort zone and met with Jennifer! Jennifer is kind, caring, compassionate, and a good listener. She makes me feel comfortable and safe. An added benefit is that I know she “gets it” because of her own eating disorder history. Whether we are practicing yoga or simply talking, I always leave feeling better than when I came in. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Jennifer and count her as a blessing in my life.
— 39-year-old woman

I have struggled with disordered eating for over 15 years. It has, for a long time, been my safety blanket, a veil of deceit that protected me from the feelings that were too intense for me to begin to understand. Yoga has provided a safe outlet to explore those emotions without judgement and has allowed me to use my body in a positive way. Finding Jennifer and beginning yoga therapy has been a beautiful experience. Her gentle energy allows me to feel safe exploring those painful feelings without fear. Jennifer’s unique and creative way of building individualized asana sequences has changed my time spent on my mat. From inversions to help change my perspective to strong power poses such as fierce pose to give me strength when I feel weak, each session provides hope and courage to continue moving forward on my journey.
— Heather J

I’ve been dealing with food and body image issues for what feels like my entire life, and have been in and out of psychotherapy for decades. I’ve processed and dissected and discussed and analyzed my issues from every angle. I didn’t think at this point in my life there was any way to re-hash those issues any more meaningfully. Then came Jennifer. I found her on a whim, stumbled across one of her blog posts, and thought, why not? And it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Yoga therapy has provided a new lens through which to view my stuff and new tools to add to my self-care arsenal. Therapy is no longer just about words—getting on the mat has helped me connect with my body in ways that traditional talk therapy never could. I now have a renewed interest in doing the incredibly difficult work involved in this elusive thing called recovery, and Jennifer is a wonderful partner to have along the journey. She is warm, thoughtful, honest, genuinely cares, and best of all, really understands what’s going on. I’m so glad I found Jennifer, as she has become an essential part of my healing process.
— Ellen L, San Francisco

Before sessions with Jennifer I had an army of voices in my head. I really felt like this fight with food, my body and my emotions were holding me back to live the true life. After working with Jennifer, I feel hopeful, alive, happiness, strong and confident. She has helped me come to understand that forgiveness, gentleness and love are SO much more important that willpower or even eating perfectly. I feel better in my body and I’m more proud of it.
— Erika I

After about 2 months working with Jennifer, while working cross-functionally with other doctors on my orthopedic problems, I have progressed not only in my physical capabilities, but in my ability to handle stress with mantras, breathing, and movement. I have also developed self-knowledge and awareness, and I feel like I am on a more positive path in my life. I am so glad that I met Jennifer! She has been a critical part of my healing, and I wholeheartedly recommend her for yoga therapy.
— Monica

Jennifer connects with you as a human being, especially as a woman, acknowledging everyday stress and the constant “to do list” that runs through your brain. The person that she is shines through in all that she does.
— Doreen B

As a new yogi, Jennifer’s classes are a place where I can learn, stretch my body and my mind, and feel safe enough to try new things. Yoga is so much more than a workout, and Jennifer teaches that, if you are open to it, everything is possible.
— Melissa Z

Jennifer’s classes are a powerful mindful meditative flow, connecting you on a soul level, a true transformation.
— Regina L

Always striving to bring her best to every encounter, Jennifer ensures that clients and students are heard and helped.
— Colleen C

Jennifer is wonderful and full of light. Her classes are packed with positive energy, passion, and love. Her communication with clients and students is powerful, using encouraging words to allow everyone to feel safe and confident on their mats.
— Julia