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My Journey Overcoming an Eating Disorder and Addiction

“I always felt that if I looked perfect on the outside, no one would know what a mess I was on the inside.” Guest contributor Crystal Hampton shares her story of overcoming an eating disorder and addiction and offers others hope to keep going on their personal journeys. Read more about Crystal’s story and what has helped her maintain recovery.

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Everyone Deserves a Seat at the Table, Including Me & You

In this powerfully honest and inspiring guest blog, eating disorder recovery advocate Bridget Clawson writes about how she overcame self-doubt to now own her most authentic voice and share her story with the world so that others know they, too, have a place at the table.

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6 Ways to Build Trust and Heal the Trauma of Hating Your Body

Rebuilding trust with our bodies is essential to strengthening our body image. It’s only through establishing trust that we can begin to feel safe in our bodies again and experience a sense of peace and wholeness. Sharing 6 ways you can begin to build trust with your body.

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