It Starts With a Dream (Poem)


By D. Collins, guest contributor

Be a dreamer if you can,
Be a dreamer take a stand.

Imagine your body your best friend,
The war has finally come to an end.

Travel in your mind; take this journey with me.
As we discover a place that is peaceful and free.

Close your eyes my friend, breathe in if you dare,
As we step into a land where we practice self-care.

Envision no scales, no number games to play,
No judgmental chatter, only kind words to say.

The food you choose, is just food, it’s so clear
You honor your hunger; you live without fear.

No calories to define you, no diets to deceive.
You do not wear shame; you wear love and feel free.

Your body has forgiven; your body has survived.
It is time to dance, your ready to be alive!

Your invited to stay here, this dream can come true.
This free land will be here, waiting for you.

Let go, I know you can,
Create this truth and take a stand.