Embracing Uncertainty to Receive Clarity

By Maryann Thornton, Guest Contributor

I was recently introduced to The Living Questions from an amazing and brilliant mentor. This tool has helped me navigate through uncertainty or when I am feeling overwhelmed by an issue or circumstance that is on my mind.

This simple tool has led to profound breakthroughs, ease of mind, and clarity. It involves asking a question to the Universe and then literally waiting for the answer to come to me, just by being open to receiving it and embracing being in a place of inquiry. You may be wondering: “how could change manifest by me not doing anything?”

In truth, you ARE doing something quite significant, and that’s being absolutely engaged in a process of discovery. When we embrace the spirit of inquiry, the universe opens our minds to what otherwise is easily overlooked as we try to plan, calculate, or figure everything out, often leading to overwhelm, doubt, and profound uncertainty.

I posed a living question this past week about a challenging family situation. Up until now, feelings of anger, fear, frustration, and sadness that I was feeling would have resulted in self-abandonment and behaviors that would be harmful to my mind, body, and spirit. This time, I asked the Universe:

I wonder how I can not self-abandon in the midst of all that is going on?

I repeated this question to myself a few times each day, releasing the mental chatter and waiting for clarity. Within a few days the answer came to me. I envisioned my highest self--that warrior goddess that is within each of us--standing proud and tall, loudly saying,

My self care is my number one priority!  

Upon hearing my powerful inner warrior voice, I immediately nourished my body, took time to renew by getting a massage, spoke with dear friend, and vowed to myself to take a stand to make self-care my immediate priority. I saw with great clarity my ability to stand in my power and have everything I need to navigate this situation without abandoning myself.

I have used the Living Questions over and over again, each time being amazed at how quickly the answer comes and provides me with the clarity I need. The universe indeed has all of the answers. All I need to do is get out of my own way and out of my head and receive its wisdom!

Meet Guest Contributor Maryann Thornton 
"I am a woman blossoming into the radiant being I am meant to be. I am on a journey of learning how to tune into my inner knowing to break free from the chains that have held me back from shining my light. I am dedicated to using my gifts and creating the life I yearn for. It no longer matters what other people think of me, for it is my one life and I am living it the way my heart deeply desires. I am coming back home to my body after leaving it for so many years ago. I welcome myself home."

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