Daydreams & Dreams Come True

I'm writing to you on a blustery Fall day in Pennsylvania. Yellow, orange, and red leaves are swirling in the wind until they eventually land to cover the front yard. I fondly remember as a child my mother telling me the leaves were "dancing." I suppose "dancing leaves" captured my imagination, because when I daydream on a hot summer's day about the arrival of Fall, that's exactly what I envision: twirling, dancing leaves in the air.

When I daydream in the winter about the arrival of warmer temperatures, however, I always see, smell, and taste all things BEACH! Sun. Ocean. Warmth. Calm. Relaxation. Fun. Mouth-Watering Deliciousness.

I can't remember the last time a winter's daydream ever came to pass, when I was in a warm place during the cold months. Which is why I can hardly believe that this coming March, I will be! And I would LOVE for you to come too!

At just about the time I've had enough of the cold, I'll be heading to Tulum, Mexico to co-lead The 11th Annual Radiant Retreat with Jennifer Schelter from March 18th to 25th. The Radiant Retreat is a week to rejuvenate your well-being and creativity with meditation, yoga, writing, art-making, goal setting, fresh food, spa services, and site seeing. This is Jennifer's 11th year leading The Radiant Retreat, and the theme is The Art of Being You.

On a personal note, when Jennifer asked me to co-lead this retreat with her, it was a total "Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming" moment. I've respected and admired Jennifer from a distance for decades. She was already an established and influential yoga teacher in the Philly area when I began teaching in 2002. I also looked up to her as a writer and artist. I finally had the opportunity to meet Jennifer this past May at Living Beyond Breast Cancer's Reach & Raise Event at the Philadelphia Art Museum (Jennifer is the co-founder of this amazing event). I mustered up the guts to introduce myself, only to be pleasantly surprised (shocked, really!) that she knew who I was! Two weeks later we met for lunch and bonded over our shared passions for writing, yoga, and much more.

Before I introduce you more fully to Jennifer, I invite you to daydream for a moment. Imagine spending an entire week at a stunningly beautiful beach on the Yucatan Peninsula. See yourself relaxed, truly happy, and unhindered by time, responsibilities, or pressure. See yourself smiling, and hear yourself laughing with pure joy. Feel the sun on your skin, and sense a magnificent feeling of connection with others who have come to feel radiant and rejuvenated. YOU deserve this. ALL OF IT.

Take a moment to read more about the retreat and all it has to offer. For information and rates, please email me or contact Noelle Peter: Be sure to say that you learned about the retreat from me.

Meet Jennifer Schelter, MFA, RYT 200, 500

Inspirational Leader, Motivational Speaker, Writer
Advocates for Mindful Wellbeing & Creativity
Founder, Mindful Strategies for Living, and Radiant Retreat, Tulum, Mexico

For over 20 years, Jennifer has empowered, motivated, and supported over 90,000 women and men from Wharton Leadership and Management Programs and Fortune 500 Companies to breast cancer patients (Co-Founder of Yoga On the Steps for Living Beyond Breast cancer in Philadelphia, Denver and Kansas City) and individual clients as a retreat leader, speaker, yoga instructor, life coach, writer, actress, and entrepreneur.

Jennifer was recently the yoga instructor & life coach seen on ZLiving TV reality show Natural Reboot. She was featured in “Best of Philly” Philadelphia Magazine’s Be Well Philly (as the cover model), and named “One of the Most Inspiring Philadelphians” by US Airways Magazine.

She is the founder of Mindful Strategies for Living, the internationally recognized Radiant Retreat to Tulum, Mexico, the premier Yoga Schelter studio, Yoga Unites non-profit, producer of “am awake” CD, and “The Art of Vinyasa Yoga” DVD.  

Every day, Jennifer empowers and inspires well-being, wise performance, and creativity through mindful practices including stress-reduction, meditation, Vinyasa yoga, and writing for clarity and self-discovery. Jennifer enhances and champions the intersecting awareness of the mind and body connection. Clients report motivation, inspiration, clarity, new strategies and actions, as well as appreciating and accepting their potential and themselves in new and fulfilling ways.

Jennifer’s one-woman show, “Love Lessons From Abu Ghraib,” which tells the story of Iraqi torture victims and her work with them in Turkey, ran to sold-out audiences at Inter-Act Theatre, Amnesty International and the Philly Fringe.  

Jennifer is available for one-on-one yoga and “mini-retreat” coaching sessions as well as groups. And she is available to lead inspirational and transformational retreats and workshops, as well as corporate wellness. Contact:;

I hope you will come to Mexico with me and Jennifer!

Take a moment to read more about the retreat and all it has to offer. For information and rates, please email me or contact Noelle Peter: Be sure to say that you learned about the retreat from me.