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My Journey Overcoming an Eating Disorder and Addiction

“I always felt that if I looked perfect on the outside, no one would know what a mess I was on the inside.” Guest contributor Crystal Hampton shares her story of overcoming an eating disorder and addiction and offers others hope to keep going on their personal journeys. Read more about Crystal’s story and what has helped her maintain recovery.

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Yoga Tools For Quieting Body Comparing Thinking

Body comparing thoughts can take over our minds like a wildfire, leaving us empty of confidence and consumed with self-doubt. If you are often distracted with body comparing thoughts, here’s 5 of my favorite hands-on Yoga tools to quiet body comapring thinking and practice becoming more present.

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Why I Passed Up 15 Seconds of Fame

I had the unexpected and very cool experience of being invited to participate in a national marketing campaign. Although the mission of the campaign is admirable, I passed up the 15 seconds of fame. In this blog post, I share why I turned it down to remain true to myself, my recovery, and my work as a yoga therapist in the eating disorder community. 

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