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Breaking Free of "Good Food, Bad Food" Talk

Right and wrong, good and bad, and the many-layered meanings of these words have been applied to food, turning the act of nourishing our bodies into an issue of morality. Unraveling morality-based beliefs about food and our self-worth is essential to forging true healing in eating disorder recovery. I’m happy to share this excerpt from my new book, Body Mindful Yoga, on how to call on yoga to embrace your innate goodness and challenge morality language about food.

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My Journey Overcoming an Eating Disorder and Addiction

“I always felt that if I looked perfect on the outside, no one would know what a mess I was on the inside.” Guest contributor Crystal Hampton shares her story of overcoming an eating disorder and addiction and offers others hope to keep going on their personal journeys. Read more about Crystal’s story and what has helped her maintain recovery.

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