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Less Combat, More Joy: Why Fitness Doesn’t Have to Be About Changing Your Body

Happy 2019! Without fail, the focus on working out and changing our bodies intensifies in the beginning months of the New Year, with marketers convincing us we need to lose weight, join a gym, and eat less. The repetition of these messages can cause us to question if we “fit” in and flare up body image concerns. Can you relate? If so, I promise you aren’t alone. In this blog post, I share an excerpt from my book, Body Mindful Yoga, on the combat language of fitness culture and offer new, more affirming language to embrace movement in your life.

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Breaking Free of "Good Food, Bad Food" Talk

Right and wrong, good and bad, and the many-layered meanings of these words have been applied to food, turning the act of nourishing our bodies into an issue of morality. Unraveling morality-based beliefs about food and our self-worth is essential to forging true healing in eating disorder recovery. I’m happy to share this excerpt from my new book, Body Mindful Yoga, on how to call on yoga to embrace your innate goodness and challenge morality language about food.

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Yoga Tools For Quieting Body Comparing Thinking

Body comparing thoughts can take over our minds like a wildfire, leaving us empty of confidence and consumed with self-doubt. If you are often distracted with body comparing thoughts, here’s 5 of my favorite hands-on Yoga tools to quiet body comapring thinking and practice becoming more present.

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