"Mommy, What's Your Favorite Part of Your Body?"


I dedicate this blog post to sharing a really sweet conversation I recently had with my 6-year-old daughter about appreciating our bodies. It went something like this:

Demetra: Mommy, my favorite part of my body are my eyelids, because I love to sleep and it feels so good when I close my eyes and sleep.

Me: I love sleep too!

Demetra: Mommy, what's your favorite part of your body?

Me: My favorite part of my body are my arms, because they are strong and allow me to hug and hold you and your sister. I can do yoga and rock climb, and reach with my arms for your hand to hold.

Demetra: That's nice, Mommy. I like my arms too.

And in that moment, that very pure moment, I thought to myself, after all these years of honest hard work, what a breath of fresh air to not miss a beat, to not even hesitate, or pretend for her sake to say something positive about my body. I could have said more, actually!

And what a gift to me, to witness Demetra celebrating bodies--celebrating HER body. What a cool little conversation between the two of us. Unforgettable. May both of my babies celebrate their bodies always.