Letter to Myself

A poem by an anonymous guest contributor

Open my heart to the possibilities…
of caring for my body
of accepting my body
of loving my body.

I am humbled and beyond grateful
for the continuous love I receive
even though my head and heart
have difficulty receiving it.

I know that I am self-destructive
and often turn to my eating disordered ways
rather than trusting those who love me
and trusting the process.

I need to keep an open mind
and make a home in the gray area
rather than bouncing between apartments
in the land of black and white.

I hope that something different
awaits beyond the now
and that one day the reflection I see is

I will learn to accept the love and support
that is so available to me
rather than questioning its truthfulness and sincerity
and will let go of the belief that I am unworthy of it.

My feet will keep moving me forward
my eyes, ears and heart will remain open
to the possibility of healing and true happiness.