What You Do Serves as Proof of What You Believe

Of the many important lessons I have learned from my life coach, Beth Knudson, one that deeply resonates is the idea that, what you do serves as proof of what you believe.

I would like to use this blog post to share the foundational beliefs upon which I built and continue to build CHIME. These tenets are the pulse behind every Facebook post, tweet, blog post, yoga class I teach, and personal interaction with each of you. They are the heart of my work and personal integrity.

My primary motivations for pursuing my business are to:

1. Show my daughters what is possible when we respect our personal truth and live with intention.
2. Make meaning out of my life’s experiences.
3. Help others do something that is meaningful to them.
4. Spend my time doing what I am passionate about.
5. Work in a profession that aligns with my values and fosters my continued self-recovery and self-discovery.

My core beliefs are:

1. Intuition is our purest source of personal power.
2. Our body manifests the state of our mind.
3. Dis-ease (stress, anxiety, depression, etc.) manifest when essential aspects of our being are stifled, buried, ignored, unsatisfied, or forgotten.
4. When we are in alignment with our personal truth, we live in balance, feel content, and experience wellness.
5. Connecting with like-minded individuals or others with relatable experiences provides a unique source of healing and comfort.
6. We have options in life, even when we tell ourselves that we do not.

It is my hope that some or all of these convictions ring true (CHIME) with you, and that our common beliefs will nurture a dynamic and lasting connection.

Have you taken the time to consider your core beliefs? I would love to learn what rings true with you. Share one or two of your core beliefs with me in the comments.