5 Ways to Practice Embodied Intention During Your Yoga Practice (published on Elephant Journal)

Do you set an intention at the start of yoga practice? Do you remember it during class and after you leave the yoga studio?

I recently realized that, unless reminded by the yoga teacher, I tend to forget my intention during practice. If you are like me, and want to begin practicing intention, my recent article in Elephant Journal suggests 5 ways possible ways to embody an intention (the practice of "sankalpa") during asana (yoga postures) practice. When we combine sankalpa with asana, we merge the innate power of yoga postures with our innate power to manifest what we want to create in our lives.

See a sneak preview of my article below and head over to Elephant Journal to read the full post.

5 Ways to Practice Embodied Intention During Your Yoga Practice

"For thirteen years now, I’ve stood at the top of my yoga mat with my eyes closed and hands at heart center to set an intention for practice.
This yogic tradition, known as sankalpa (intention), invites us to call to mind our heartfelt desires and place our attention on what we want to create in our lives. When we hold our intention during asana practice, our postures become a devotional expression of our sankalpa.
Until recently, I have not actively practiced sankalpa during asana. Not because I do not believe in its power, but because I have trained my attention to rest on my breath and the postures, which I find to be challenging enough. Unless reminded by the yoga teacher, I simply forget to return my attention to my intention.

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