Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has a lot of benefits and this is the reason why it has continued to be popular. There are many people who have noticed changes to their bodies once they decided to do yoga. Yoga is easy to start and stick to because it doesnít start you with complicated poses. You start with simple poses you are comfortable with then you progress with time. This means you will get the benefits of yoga without feeling demotivated or tired of doing it. Many people still donít know the many benefits of yoga, with many thinking itís just a way of working out and stretching. Many of these benefits have been researched over years and have been proven to be true. Some of the benefits of yoga include;

Improves flexibility

This is one of the most obvious benefits of yoga. When you start out, you probably wonít be able to touch your toes, never mind the backbend. When you stick to yoga, you will start to see some changes and gradual loosening, and you will find impossible poses starting to seem possible. Pains and aches will also start to disappear. The body is interconnected and what happens to one part, affect the other. Hamstrings can affect the lumbar spine, hips can strain the knee joint, etc.

Builds Muscle Strength

Strong muscles do more than just making your body look great, they also help with conditions such as pack pain and arthritis. It can also help prevent elderly people from falls. Yoga will help you build muscles while balancing it with flexibility. Going to the gym and lifting weights may help you build strength, but it will affect your flexibility. 


Many people spend their time sitting using the wrong posture, and this can cause problems with your neck and back. The body starts to compensate the bad posture by flattening the normal inward curves of the neck and the lower back. 

Increased blood flow

Yoga will go a long way in helping your blood flow. The relaxation exercises that is used in yoga can help in circulations especially to your feet and hands. The cells will get more oxygen and they will start to function better. Yoga and eating disorders can benefit from meditation and deep breathing.

Lowers blood pressure

You may stand to benefit a lot from yoga if you have high blood pressure. Many studies were done where two groups of people with hypertension were tested, one group did yoga, and the other simply lying on the couch. People who did yoga saw a drop in blood pressure, both the systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure.

Mental benefits

There are many mental benefits you can expect to get from yoga. It can help you with managing stress, which can have effects on the body and the mind. With the right poses, you can easily reach a more positive outlook on life. Meditations will help clear your mind and get rid of any stress you may be having. 

There are many other yoga benefits, but you need to start before you can experience them. Yoga for eating disorders has help many people with this issue.