4-Week Online Yoga Experience for Eating Disorder Recovery

Simple, Uplifting yoga Practices for your Recovery Journey

Starts May 6, 2019!

Welcome! I am so happy you are here. It’s an honor to share the recovery journey with you.

Yoga has been essential to my healing over the past 20 years, helping me to mend my relationship with my body, trust I am worthy of nourishment (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), and reconnect with my values, gifts, and talents. Now, as a Certified Yoga Therapist, I support others healing from eating disorders through the practices, philosophies and tools of Yoga.

Yoga is a beautiful system of many kinds of practices — from yoga poses to breathing exercises to mediation and relaxation. When we explore these practices through the lens of recovery, we open the door for new insights, realizations, wisdom, and healing.

Knowing first hand from my personal journey and for my Yoga Therapy clients how beneficial Yoga can be, I created this 4-week online Yoga “experience” with the intention of sharing simple, uplifting practices and teachings to bring into your life.

This online experience is appropriate for all phases of the recovery journey, and Yoga experience is not required.


How It Works

This online Yoga experience is exactly that — a variety of Yoga practices that you get to “experience” from the comfort of a setting of your choice. Each week, I will lead you through a combination of simple, uplifitng yoga pose practices, guided meditations and relaxations, and reflection prompts focused on the theme of the week. You are free to do all the activities when it fits your schedule. All you need is an email account and a way to watch videos and listen to audio. The content will come directly to your email each Monday morning. This is a low maintenance kind of experience, I promise! And all of the content and videos are yours for the keeping, so you can continue with these practices long after our 4 weeks together ends.

What’s IncludeD

On Monday mornings I will email you all of the content and Yoga practices for the week so that you can do them at your own pace and on your own schedule. This email will include:

  • The theme of the week plus an intention setting exercise and a brief video (3-5 minutes) about the theme.

  • A 30-minute guided beginner’s level yoga practice video related to the week’s theme. These practices are accessible to all levels and abilities. Each week’s practice is different and filled with options for how to do the poses in a way that feels best to you. The goal is to do this movement practice at least once that week, but you are welcome to do it as many times as you like.

  • A 10-minute guided meditation or relaxation related to the theme of the week (audio only). The goal is to do this guided meditation or relaxation practice at least once that week, but you are welcome to do it as many times as you like.

  • Reflection prompts that can be explored through writing, art, or any form of self-expression for further exploration.

  • Email support from me. If helpful, you are welcome to write me with questions or to share how your experience is going. I would love to hear from you!


Weekly Recovery-Focused Themes

Each week you will explore a theme through a variety of Yoga practices (poses, meditation/relaxation, reflection) in the context of your own journey. Here’s a quick peak at the themes:

Week 1 - Permission for Comfort: Exploring the Shapes of Yoga Poses

Feeling comfortable in our bodies is an ongoing aspect of the recovery journey. Yoga can help us get to know what comfort feels like again. This week’s Yoga practices are all about exploring options of how to do various Yoga poses, giving you an opportunity to tune into your own personal comfort and make adjustments to increase comfort in your body. The week’s other activities will give you an opportunity to observe what comes up for you in relation to the theme of comfort.

Week 2 - Returning to Your Senses: Learning to Observe Sensation Without Judgement

So much of the recovery process is learning to sense again — to literally return to our senses after being numb. This week you will explore what it’s like to notice sensation in your body. The Yoga practices and reflection prompts will help guide you to the awareness of sensation with a focus on learning how to observe versus judge.

Week 3 - The Language of Recovery: Revising Your Inner Dialogue

This week you will tune into your self-talk and notice where there is room for more kindness, compassion, and respect. As you do this week’s Yoga practices and reflection prompts, you will have an opportunity to revise your inner dialogue, finding language that feels authentic and does not reinforce eating disorder thinking.

Week 4 - Connecting With Bliss: Remembering You Are More Than an Eating Disorder

This week is all about expanding your identity beyond the eating disorder and honoroing those activities, talents, passions, and gifts that connect you to feelings of joy, contentment, happiness, and other uplifting feelings. Tapping into these parts of ourselves can help us heal in surprising and significant ways. This week’s Yoga practices and reflection prompts will invite you to open your heart and mind to bringing more bliss into your life.


Cost: $107

Add on 4 private 1x1 Yoga Therapy sessions: $450 (includes the cost of the online experience and $63 off the regular price of 4 private sessions)
**We can work together in person or online.
**Starting date of private sessions is negotiable.
**Considering signing up for the Yoga Therapy sessions but aren’t quite sure, yet? No problem. Sign up by May 31 to receive the discount.

This online experience runs for 4 weeks beginning Monday, May 6th.

Please email me to register.

Have questions about my 4-Week Online Yoga Experience for Eating Disorder Recovery? Please ask! Email me.


Kind words from a few of my Yoga students and Yoga Therapy clients…

“Jennifer is a truly gifted yoga therapist who has become a critical part of my negative body image and eating disorder recovery team. The past few months in working with her have been amazingly transformative, and she has personally helped me turn a corner in my journey to having a better relationship with my body and a deeper understanding of my true self. By using the philosophies and practices of yoga, through discussion, movement and meditation, she’s given me new tools and perspectives that have helped changed my perspective of yoga, eating disorders, my personal healing journey, and so much more.” — Alicia D.

“Jennifer brings personal experience with recovery to the mat and that experience is so valuable. She has been a fantastic asset to my therapeutic process as I have been able to bring things that come up in yoga back to my therapist that have helped to advance my healing process. This form of expressive and spiritual movement is one way I nourish my soul.” — Kaitlin

"As a new yogi, Jennifer's classes are a place where I can learn, stretch my body and my mind, and feel safe enough to try new things. Yoga is so much more than a workout, and Jennifer teaches that, if you are open to it, everything is possible." — Melissa Z.

"Jennifer is wonderful and full of light. Her classes are packed with positive energy, passion, and love. Her communication with clients and students is powerful, using encouraging words to allow everyone to feel safe and confident on their mats." — Julia

"Always striving to bring her best to every encounter, Jennifer ensures that clients and students are heard and helped." — Colleen C.

"Jennifer's classes are a powerful mindful meditative flow, connecting you on a soul level, a true transformation." — Regina L.

"Jennifer connects with you as a human being, especially as a woman, acknowledging everyday stress and the constant "to do list" that runs through your brain. The person that she is shines through in all that she does. Not to mention she works hard!" — Doreen B.

Read more testimonials and about my professional credentials.

This online experience runs for 4 weeks beginning Monday, May 6th.

Please email me to register.