Support and Training for Professionals

Are you feeling excited about all yoga has to offer your eating disorder clients and want to offer this healing modality in your work?

My personal 20+ years of recovery and 3 years of professional yoga therapy training have gifted me with a profound understanding of the nuances of supporting clients in eating disorder recovery with the practices and philosophies of yoga. More and more, therapists, dieticians, physicians, coaches, yoga therapists, and yoga teachers are interested in including yoga in their treatment plans with eating disorder clients, which is wonderful and exciting—as this trend reinforces the growing recognition of yoga’s powerfully healing role in the recovery process and human experience.

But how to bring yoga to this client population while creating safety is not a skill set taught in traditional yoga teacher trainings. I’m on a mission to educate professionals around the world about how to share yoga with their clients in eating disorder recovery in sensitive, smart, effective, and compassionate ways.

If you are a professional who has completed at least a 200-hour yoga teacher training and wish to explore how to integrate yoga in your work with eating disorder clients, I have so much to share with you in my mentoring program!

If you are not a registered yoga teacher, but would like to learn some simple yoga techniques to bring in your sessions, please get in touch about how I can bring one of my specialized workshops to your practice.

What You Will Learn

When we work together, I provide 1x1 support customized to meet your specific goals plus specialized mentoring in three areas —Inner Work, Education, and Nuances of Yoga for Eating Disorders — to provide a comprehensive learning experience that will teach you excellent skills for integrating yoga into your client work.

Inner Work

This focus includes

  • clarifying your personal and professional intentions  

  • defining your mission

  • exploring anxieties/concerns (personal and professional) about working with this client population 

  • discovering your personal voice and communication style

  • establishing/depening your own relationship with yoga to authentically share it with others


This focus includes

  • education on eating disorders

  • latest research on yoga/somatic practices and eating disoder recovery

  • education on body image 

  • support in finding additional formal trainings if desired/needed

  • suggestions for supplemental reading and resources 

Nuances of Yoga for Eating Disorders

This focus includes

  • principles of trauma sensitive yoga

  • yoga poses

  • breathing practices

  • mantra

  • grounding techniques

  • yoga philosophy 

  • meditation

  • relaxation

  • visualiztion

  • language and delivery of practices

How It Works

Our online sessions are designed to guide you in meeting your specific goals, weaving in the key learning points mapped out above in an organic way that aligns with what you are working on. In addition to the intellectual experience of learning about the nuaces of yoga for eating disorders, you will also have an opportunity to embody these practices in our sessions so that you can incorporate them into your personal experience and carry them forth in your professional work with your clients. It doesn’t get more real, powerful, or transformative than that! I offer various packages to accommodate your goals and schedule, and payment plans are available.

I am Happy to answer all your questions! Let’s connect.


Kind Words from a few of my clients

Jennifer is a true expert in the field of yoga where it intersects with body image and disordered eating. She was a delight to work with and I’m grateful to have learned from her and to have been supported by her in this meaningful work.
— Suzy, Trauma-Informed Yoga Certified RYT 500, Minnesota
Jennifer has provided me with numerous resources that are already supporting me to grow my studio; she has helped me to clarify my professional goals and how to focus my attention to reach them; and- above all!- she has supported me to listen to my inner voice and feel confident to speak my truth to the world!
— Stella Koutri, Certified Yoga Instructor, Greece
Jennifer is one of the most genuine, insightful, and compassionate mentors I have ever had. Through our work together I have found strength, confidence, and a whole new world of possiblity. She inspires and supports me as I work with those struggling with eating disorders in my own community as well as young women in a juvenile delinquent center where we often talk about the themes of self-love, empowerment, strength, and body acceptance.
— Allsyon Pesta, RYT 200, Cleveland, OH