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My passion for inspiring and connecting with others shines brightest when I am speaking at private, professional, and media events. From conferences to workshops, podcasts to media appearnaces, and seminars to trainings and online courses, I thrive on guiding conversations that inspire motivation, hope, healing, and empowerment. When I speak at events, my goal is always to surpass expectations and deliver an interactive but well-polished talk that inspires self-reflection and offers hands-on, practical tools for personal transformation.

The combination of my academic and yoga therapy trainings merge in potent ways when I prepare and deliver a speech or faciliate a discussion. You can count on professionalism, sincerity, and heartfelt messaging for your small group or large organization. 


I speak with enthusiasm and passion internationally on a number of topics. My popular talks include:

“To Be of Substance:” My Personal Story of Healing an Eating Disorder

Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, shares how 2 key moments from her personal struggle with anorexia—in college and after becoming a mother—changed the course of her life in both challenging and empowering ways. Drawing on her more than 20 years of eating disorder recovery experience, Jennifer shares her 5 philosophies for lasting hope and healing. This presentation is ideal for individuals in all stages of recovery, college students, mental health professionals, and general audiences.


Full House, Hungry Mother: Overcoming Challenges in Motherhood and Eating Disorder Recovery

This talk illuminates the struggles women in all phases of motherhood, including before and during pregnancy, and eating disorder recovery experience. From body image concerns to an (re)emergence of eating disorder symptoms, from emotional overwhelm to physical exhaustion, Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, gathers women together to assure them that they are not alone in these difficulties. Through lecture and group discussion, Jennifer teaches strategies for self-care and support. Partners and supports are welcome to attend. 


The Language of Recovery: Nurturing Healthy Conversations about Food, Body Image, and Exercise at Home and Beyond

This presentation, which includes lecture and interactive exercises, zooms in on the incredible power of our words to both undermine and support eating disorder recovery. Inspired by her personal experience and book Body Mindful Yoga (2018), Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, teaches attendees how to become mindful of their self-talk and conversations about food, body, and exercise in the name of recovery, personal empowerment, and social change. Ideal for individuals in all stages of recovery, college students, mental health professionals, and general audiences.


When Early Recovery Feels Like a Living Hell: Strategies for Staying Motivated

Ideal for individuals in early eating disorder recovery and their supports, this talk explores why this phase of healing is so physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging. Inspired by her personal experiences and professional training in yoga therapy, Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, offers hands-on strategies for generating motivation and leads a group discussion on how to apply these ideas to real life situations. 

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I also lead specialized eating disorder and body image focused yoga workshops and trainings for treatment, clinical, educational, and yoga settings. I'll come to you! Learn more about these offerings.

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