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Courageous Heart Yoga Retreat

  • Himalayan Institute 952 Bethany Turnpike Honesdale, PA, 18431 United States (map)
Photograph taken at the 2019 Wisdom & Wonder Retreat.

Photograph taken at the 2019 Wisdom & Wonder Retreat.

This empowering women's retreat connects you to your inherent wisdom and wonder through yoga, meditation, writing, art, and time in nature.

You are invited to join me and Kanjana Hartshorne at the scenic and peaceful Himalayan Institute May 1 to 3 for the Courageous Heart Yoga Retreat, where you will explore how to rebuild healthy and compassionate connections with your true self – body, heart, and soul.

At this year’s retreat you will explore how to cultivate and call on courage in your relationship with your body. No doubt, it takes tremendous courage to feel kind toward our bodies in a world that thrives on unrealistic beauty ideals and external validation. We can lose our connection with our personal power and feel discontent with our bodies. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to teach simple yet powerful ways to: practice compassion and connection with your body; experience more peace and grace in the unscripted chaos of life; develop mindfulness skills; and cultivate more appreciation for your unique values and qualities.


• 5 healing and empowering sessions on creating kind relationships with our bodies

• Yoga practices that include poses, meditation, guided visualization, mantra, and Yoga philosophy to illuminate our discussions and cultivate self-connection

• Meaningful and supportive discussion

• Journaling, art, and other creative activities

• Delicious soul nourishing food

• Rest and relaxation

• Additional amenities offered at the Himalayan Institute

• Plus a private guided hike for our group, a Fire Pit Pondside party, and a Chai Tea welcome party.


• How do I relate to my body?

• How do I talk to my body?

• How did my body image develop?

• How do my emotions affect my body image?

• How does my body language and body image affect my emotions?

• How can we use tools from yoga therapy to help us cultivate compassion for our bodies?

• How can we practice gratitude for what your bodies do for us?

• How do we give ourselves permission to pursue a life beyond external validation and be freed from superficial comparisons and judgement?

• What’s the difference between tolerance, acceptance, respect, love, and kindness?

• How do we move forward with connection to self and others?


This retreat is appropriate for women who want to explore how to feel more confident and content in their bodies. Whether you struggle with body image because of your past, weight, race, size, ability, aging, illness, or more, we invite you to join us. No yoga experience is necessary.


Kanjana and Jennifer’s Yoga classes are beginner-friendly, gentle, trauma-sensitive and unique. Building upon the themes of the retreat we use our bodies to turn inward, connecting to our innate courage, wisdom, and grace. Our participants often comment on how different our yoga classes are compared to what’s offered in their community. The focus here is less on fitness and more on connecting with the self.


Tuition: $545 (payment plan available)

*Space is limited to 11 participants. Reserve your spot ASAP!

Room & Board: Starts at $190 for a shared room and includes: vegetarian meals through the weekend, optional yoga classes and meditation/prayer groups, complimentary Wi-Fi, unlimited hot beverages in the Tea Lounge, and access to the Himalayan Institute’s picturesque 400-acre campus offers breathtaking views, scenic trails, and peaceful spaces for reflection and contemplation. To reserve your room call 570-253-5551 ext #2 to reserve by phone. The booking code is CHYR0501.


*10% Early Bird Discount Available Through November 15, 2019.

*Space is limited, reserve your spot!


*Continuing education units for Yoga Teachers registered with the Yoga Alliance.

*Up to 11 CEUs for social workers in PA and social workers, marriage and family therapists, and licensed professional counselors in PA and NJ. Other professionals who wish to pursue credentials in their field may contact Kanjana Hartshorne at to receive the detailed clinical description of the retreat.


*Full refund for cancellations 60 days before the event start date.

*Partial refund of $200 for cancellations between 30 and 59 days before the event start date.

*Refunds will not be issued for cancellations from 29 days before the event.

*We highly recommend getting travel insurance to protect yourself in case of emergencies.

We would love for you to join us for the Courageous Heart Yoga Retreat! Have questions? Feel free to get in touch. We will happily answer all your questions.

Have questions about the retreat? Great! Feel free to email me.


It’s a rare for me to feel supported in my struggle to love my body. It was enlivening to meet women who understand. I realize now that finding solidarity with others on the journey is imperative. It’s nourishing and healing to be part of a community. I explored challenging topics and learned valuable skills, but most of all I realized I’m not alone. I couldn’t be more grateful.
— Lesa
I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who struggles with self-doubt and body image-related issues. Kanjana and Jennifer provide a safe place to explore who you are and where you want to be.
— Catherine Loveless
Through introspective art and journaling activities, yoga therapy, breath work, and the love and support of our group, I went back home to Florida with a renewed sense of self-love, a new understanding of how it feels to be truly connected to my body, and a goal of reprioritizing my recovery and my health, because that is the ultimate path to body kindness.
— Alicia Damiano
The retreat gave me the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with my body. A month later I continue to meditate every day and I have the energy to take on my day. As mental health professional, that value is unspeakable. Thank you!
— Audrey Grunst
This retreat was an incredible opportunity to explore how my relationship with my body influences how I relate in the world. It was so healing to be able to disconnect from life and focus on me, all while connecting with other women struggling with similar issues. And I really enjoyed using yoga and creative arts to do this exploration. I hadn’t touched watercolors since elementary school, and what a treat to be able to play with them as an adult!
— Ellen L
I refer to retreat as ‘the weekend I didn’t realize I truly needed’. I was not sure what to expect even after registering for such a retreat, so I tried to go without any preconceived notions and keep an open mind. Within minutes of first introductions, I was put at ease as I could almost feel everyone exhale out their reservations and any anxiety. It was refreshing to be around such good-hearted individuals who had a similar goal of self-betterment.

The lovely ladies running the workshop, Kanjana and Jennifer, executed activities with much integrity as well as a quiet determination with the objective of making everyone feel comfortable in their own skin. As a self-proclaimed introvert, I was ready to challenge myself emotionally as well as spiritually so took this opportunity to do so. However, I believe I was able to do it with such ease because Kanjana and Jennifer created an open and peaceful ambiance. The only change I would have maybe requested would be to add another day!
— Anonymous
There was nothing that I could have expected more from this retreat! After a year where I felt like I was facing one obstacle after another, I knew I needed a vacation and thought I would take a trip to Mexico. Who knew that a weekend of getting in touch with myself, surrounded by such beautiful women in a beautiful area in the Poconos is what I truly needed. It has been a few weeks since the retreat and I am still feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, pure, and whole. I learned to appreciate myself, my body, and the earth.
— T