Continuing Education for Yoga Professionals 

Seminars and Trainings dedicated to Teaching you skills and tools to Nurture postive body image in Your Students and clients

Yoga teachers and yoga therapists have the privilege of guiding students through movement experiences and the responsibility of creating safe spaces for this body exploration to unfold. In an age of unreasonable beauty ideals, selfies, “before and after” photos, fad diets, “Thinspiration,” and a high prevalence of eating disorders, it’s essential we are sensitive to the possibility that our students and clients have body image concerns in their lives, potentially making movement an uneasy experience.

By learning how to teach “body mindfully,” or integrate body affirming language into your cueing, themes, and messaging, you will help every individual leave Yoga classes and private sessions feeling safe, supported, and uplifted throughout their personal journeys. 

Inspired by my upcoming book, Body Mindful Yoga, my seminars and trainings will give you the expertise, skills, tools, and self-awareness to guide empowering embodied experiences and establish emotional safety for students, allowing them to be in their bodies with more ease. 

I also lead specialized eating disorder and body image focused yoga workshops and trainings inspired by Body Mindful Yoga for treatment, clinical, educational, and yoga settings. I'll come to you! Learn more about these offerings.

As a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider (YACEP), I am considered an expert in the yoga community and trained to teach courses that qualify as Continuing Education hours for Registered Yoga Teachers with the Yoga Alliance. My specialty focuses on body image and eating disorder-related topics in the yoga setting. My continuing education programs are appropriate for 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teachers and teachers in training as well as certified yoga therapists and those in training. Learn more about my credentials and qualifications. I am looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming event! Feel free to email me if you have questions.


Upcoming Seminars & Trainings

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